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In this globalization era, in order to survive, it is now crucial for companies to grow outside their local markets. With margins diminishing in the local markets because of competition from the small size companies, big organizations have been compelled to broaden their operations in other countries. Companies deal with serious challenges whilst broadening their functions outside their home markets. All these issues could be cultural, linguistic, or even legal. Organizations furthermore confront with regulatory issues because of their restricted know-how about local business procedures; and thus, at this point business consulting providers prove to be very helpful.

We provide best consultant service for your international purchase business. Cutting down cost is one of the most important things in many globalization corporations. "Do I need to hire a local sourcing agent?", many clients ask us this question. Now you can get a question from this post of China sourcing agent.

Globalized Strategy

We are an international consulting firm for international trade. We are a certified member of The Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA) and we have been in the business for more than two decades now. Although most of our businesses are conducted in Latin America, we do offer our services worldwide, so you can count on us to provide you with information, logistics and, if necessary, assist you personally in strategic management for any projects you have.

Our main objective is to facilitate your business projects in any emerging markets in the world, so you can compete and profit from potential customers. We accomplish this by providing you...

Customers Say

China is the hosttest market these years. Tens of thousands of buildings are being built there. As a building steel manufacturer, we were anxious to enter this market 3 years ago. But it's very hard to find buyers and partners, this is a completely strange country. It's very lucky that we found F.O. Their Chinese office helped us to analyze the local market, import policy, trademark intellectual property copyright, etc. The amount of exports has arrived 45 million US dollars last year.

-- Plymouth Steel

As a consulting company specializing in export & import field, FiveOffices is our best partner since we planed to expand international market. Since 2001, as one of the biggest towel manufacturers in China, the company planed to open up OEM service for top towel brands in North America and Europe. FiveOffices helped us research the mainstream towel/home textile brands in these areas. They also introduced us to the companies. Now we are the biggest exporter of towels in China.

-- AP Towel